County Championships (National)

20th October 2018

The Middlesex cadet teams were in action with a talented line up. For the first team Joseph Hunter, Barney Mindlin, Charlie Nabarro and Scarlett Anders were our starlets and for the second team Brandon Sangchin, Jenson Moreno, Lucas Aulnette and jacquerline Lesh were the other starlets.

In the morning session Middlesex 1 played Suffolk and the team went on to win 7-3. The second team were very unlucky to lose 4-6 to Essex, especially Brandon Sangccin who lost a 5 setter. The mid session saw the first team playing the second and it was a 7-2 win to the first team, the match between the 2 second girls being void as neither team had a second girl. 

In the final session Middlesex 1 played Suffolk who they beat 7-3. Joseph Hunter and Scarlett Anders won all their matches. The other teams in the division are Surrey1 and Surrey 2 and Sussex 2. These matches will be played at the end of the March, and we look forward to having a full strength team then.

My thanks to the all the parents who supported the teams, Alan Hunter, Jeff Mindlin, Dean Nabarro, jean-Marie Aulnette, Jose Moreno and his family, Philip Sangchin Gill Lesh, who also plays for our Veteran’s 2nd team. Without their help and patience this would have been difficult to co-ordinate.

Some photographs are available on our facebook site.

Tony Dias



29th September 2018

Start of the new season. The Junior 2nd team started the season for us, playing at BATTS, HARLOW. The team comprised of Joshua Amanor, Thevian Loganathan, Arjun Arora, Scarlett Anders and Talia Benin Reid. Their first match was against Sussex2. which they drew 5-5. The 2nd match was againsta strong Surrey 1 whose players were ranked much higher. They lost 0-10. Buckinghamshire next, another draw 5-5. Final match of the day was against Devon 2 which they lost 3-7. All to play for in March.

Tony Dias

Dec 2017.

The County Championships began on October 7th with the Cadet 2nd team playing their first round of matches in Dorset at the Dorset Table Tennis Centre. The team comprising of newcomers to the county’s team, Harry Derricki, Arjun Arora, Benjamin Mercer, Nadia Zoppos, Rose Bourdier and Louise Praydarol. Their first match against a strong Devon team ended with A 1-9 loss. Their second match against Sussex 2 was a 7-3 win, followed by a 6-4 win against Glamorgan.  The last mach was a closely fought one, with the team losing 4-6 to Dorset.  In their final round of matches they drew with Essex 5-5 and beat Surrey 2 6-4. They currently sit at the top of the table with 7 points, though, Glamorgan 2, Devon, Dorset and Sussex 2 have to play their remaining matches.

The Junior 2nd team played their matches in tandem with the Cadet 2nd team’s last matches at the same venue in Colchester on 11th November. They played 3 matches, beating Cambridgeshire 9-1, lost to Essex 4-6, and Surrey 3-7. Their remaining matches will be played on 24th March 2018.

The veteran 1st team played their 1st round of matches on 21st October losing to Essex 4-6, beating Sussex 2 7-3 and losing to Surrey 1 3-7. Their remaining matches will be played on 13th January 2018 and 10th March 2018.

In Veterans Div 3b, Middlesex 5 won both their matches beating Bukinghamshire 2 7-3 and Berkshire 2 6-4. Middlesex 4 lost to Buckinghamshire 2 3-7. In Division 3 C Middlesex 6 lost to Cambridgeshire 0-10, beat Hertfortdshire 5 8-2 and lost to Kent 5 3-7.

The veteran 2nd team beat both Kent 3 and Kent 4 7-3 in Division 2C, whilst our 3rd team, beat Essex 2 7-3 and drew with Surrey 3 5-5 also in the same division.

On the weekend of 16th and 17th December, the Junior Premier Division matches were played at the Westfield TTC in Wellingborough. On day 1 our Junior 1st team of Israal Awolaja, Gaurav Aravind, Branislav Zivkovic, Sarah Menghistab and Mya Sultan played 3 matches, beating Nottinghamshire 7-3, Glamorgan 7-3, and Sussex 9-1. On day 2, they beat Lancashire 6-4, drew with Kent 5-5, beat Yorkshire 6-4 to dramatically win the Premier Division title.  Here is a picyure of the team with the Non Playing Captain Radovan Zivkovic and the trophies.

From left to right: Branislav Zivkovic, Mya Sukltan, Gaurav Aravind, Israel Awolaja and Sarah Menghistab. Radovan holding the trophy.

Congratulations and well done!!!.