Inter-League Championships

Ted Connell Trophy
The final round of the Ted Connell Trophy for Veterans was held at Eastcote Table Tennis Club on 6th May 2017.

Central London played North Middlesex 2, Wembley & Harrow 1 played Staines and Wembley & Harrow 2 played North Middlesex 1.

Cental London beat North Middlesex 2 6-4, Wembley & Harrow 1 beat last year’s champions┬áStaines 7-3 and North Middlesex beat Wembley & Harrow 2 8-2.

This year the competition was very hard fought and the champions were North Middlesex on 20 points with a one point margin over Central London who took runners-up spot 19 points, on count back over WSembley U& Harrow 1 & Staines who were also on the same points.

Final Table